About Us

Management Team:

David Shpigler – CEO

David Shpigler is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kugobi. Prior to founding Kugobi, he served as President of The Shpigler Group, a strategy management consulting firm for 16 years.  He has also worked in the strategy consulting sector for Cambridge Strategic Management Services, Dean & Company, and Accenture.  David has also worked in the educational sector, working with students at Huntington Learning Center and The Princeton Review.  He holds a M.S. in Education Technology from the University of California, Fullerton and a Masters of Business Administration from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

Janet Rau – Director of Education   

Janet Rau has extensive academic, operational and financial experience in creating innovative educational opportunities. She has spent the last 20 years directly impacting the lives of children through the creation of six schools, foreign language enrichment programs and consulting on multiple smaller projects. For Kugobi, Janet is taking her dedication to teaching the individual learner to help create a transformative digital learning experience for each of our students. Janet is an alumna of the University of South Dakota & The University of Maryland College Park. A lifelong learner, Janet is currently pursuing a MEd with Innovative Ed from the University of Michigan.

Lexy Petrick – Director of Marketing

Lexy Petrick has worked in several facets of sales and marketing in the last 30 years in the hospitality, home improvement and recruiting sectors.  As Senior VP of American Home Craftsman she coordinated multiple marketing strategies including phone room management, TV and direct mail marketing campaigns. She holds a BS from the College of Business at the University of New Orleans.