Program Benefits

Learning does not occur at a steady age-affixed pace. Children progress at a pace determined by their readiness for and experience with core concepts.   For instance, a young child who is given objects to play with will begin to group and organize those objects as a natural developmental stage.  They will begin to use categorizing language, “Look at all the red ones, red is my favorite color”.  This child is now primed for the introduction of the scientific and mathematical concept of categorization in an academic sense. 

That’s what Kugobi is all about, giving kids a space to explore concepts in a game-like setting to let our system find those Threshold Concepts that they are ready to learn.  We call them “Light Bulbs” for our younger students and “Troublesome Knowledge” for our more mature users.  

When students are logged into “Explorer Mode”, Kugobi is hard at work monitoring a whole range of learning styles and adapting to each individual student as they progress.  That way, Kugobi is able to present concepts in the way that is most effective for that student and more effective means that they break through more quickly and easily.  A sense of accomplishment is a huge motivating factor for students. 

How does Kugobi do it?

We sat down with master teachers and asked them to think about everything they look at as they evaluate how to best teach students. They came up with a list of more than a thousand areas to track! We then asked them to design activities for our Explorer Mode to help Kugobi track those areas as well. By harnessing machine learning technology, Kugobi is learning how to “think” like a teacher. Kugobi learns and adapts with your child so that the experience becomes more tailored each step of the way.