“Who benefits from Kugobi?”

Students seeking to achieve more

The struggles of the educational system in the United States are well documented, especially when compared to other nations of the world.  Numerous studies, blue ribbon panels, laws and regulations have been pursued, and billions of dollars have been spent on school reforms.  Nevertheless, it is safe to say that education has not meaningfully changed in the past quarter century and educational results have not improved.

There exists a distinct need to have a truly dynamic learning system that is responsive to students.  It is the lack of progress in this field – where the overwhelming majority of educational technology programs feature largely static content that does not adjust to the needs of the learner – that drives the need for the solution being developed by Kugobi.  Parents seek solutions that fit the needs of their children, and instead are forced to choose from among options that feature limited if any degree of responsiveness to their children’s true learning needs.  Kugobi’s approach caters to the specific needs that simply cannot be addressed with the existing slate of programs. 


Parents with gifted and talented children often express frustration with existing solutions that don’t support educational potential.  Simple branching algorithms within existing programs typically do not respond well to gifted students, leaving them frustrated and trying to “game” the system to get to more challenging and appropriate content.  Kugobi responds to a student’s true potential – not their grade – and delivers the content at the level of achievement and potential they have.


Homeschooling parents seek solutions to educate their children absent a conventional classroom environment.  However, with standards changing constantly, it is difficult for parents to know about the latest developments in education.  Kugobi enables students to learn independently, outside of the classroom, but with all of the consistent rigors of a traditional education.

Intellectually Challenged

Parents of learning disabled students struggle with the need to identify solutions that maximize the chance for their children to succeed.  By utilizing cognitive analytics, the Kugobi platform enables the development of an optimized learning approach that is customized to the student’s needs.  Each lesson and learning activity is delivered based on the framework established by each student’s performance and learning modality – not just based on a “typical” student.